What Type of Person are You?

What Type of Person are You?

Being an introvert or an extrovert is about where you get your energy from, it is definitely not about how many friends you have or how often you hang out with people. For example, I love hanging out with my friends and I’m always happy to be with them but, I’m definitely an introvert because at the end of the day I’d rather be by myself to recharge or relax. 


My sister, on the other hand, is an extrovert, she loves being around people, even when she’s alone she will usually be facetime someone or talking over the phone and she would rather be with her friends than by herself. 


There is no problem with being an introvert or an extrovert and both have their pros and cons, but it is useful to determine which category you fit into because it can help you understand your tendencies better. 


(Note: everyone is different this is just based on observation and research!)



As previously mentioned, introverts recharge on their own and definitely value their time alone more than extroverts. They are also usually more reserved and quiet as they don’t seek as much social attention and sometimes social gatherings can feel exhausting. 


If you are an introvert: 

  • You prefer to observe over interacting at social gathers (eg. parties).
  • You might not have many friends but you are really close to the ones you have. 
  • It takes you some time to open up to people
  • You get distracted by your thoughts often 
  • Your ‘social battery’ switches often switched off partway through social interactions. 


Possible pros:

  • You enjoy being by yourself and don’t need someone to entertain you all the time. 
  • You tend to be more creative and original 
  • You’re more independent 
  • Your usually a good listener


Possible cons:

  • You may struggle to make friends 
  • You can be overlooked by other people 
  • You aren’t’ always the best at first impressions and are quite awkward.

(use these tips you learn how to improve your first impression

and these to overcome awkwardness!!)



An extrovert is the opposite of an introvert, they are usually very bold and have a lot of personality when it comes to social situations. They get energy from being around people and are usually quite friendly, and being alone can feel very lonely to an extrovert. 


If you are an extrovert: 

  • You are very outgoing in social situations and you will happily talk to new people.
  • You are quite confident
  • You probably have lots of friends or you are at least ‘friendly’ with lots of people. 
  • You are usually very flexible with your time and can adapt to new situations easily. 
  • You prefer to talk things out when there is an issue or a disagreement. 


Possible pros:

  • You are very friendly 
  • You aren’t afraid to take risks in social situations or otherwise 
  • You are good at meeting new people and can make a good impression 
  • You aren’t afraid to stand up for yourself 


Possible cons: 

  • You may not be very independent 
  • You struggle to be by yourself.
  •  You may seek validation from other people 


Ambiverts and Omniverts 

It is possible you relate to certain aspects of an introvert and an extrovert. This probably makes you an ambivert or an omnivert: 



Ambiverts have a balance of extro and introverted tendencies, for example, you like being in social situations and you thrive in them, but you can also be by yourself and be happy. 



An omnivert could have the traits of an extrovert or an introvert at different times and in certain situations. An example of this is talking and being confident at school, but outside of school, like at parties or other social situations, you lose that confidence and you like to observe as an introvert would. 


So, what kind of person are you? A good way to tell is how you reacted to quarantine at the beginning of the year!!

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