Toolbox for Teens holiday challenge! 

Toolbox for Teens holiday challenge! 

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Sometimes it can be difficult to think of things to do to fill up your days during the school break. It can be really tempting to just spend your whole day on a screen, but that’s ultimately a really unsatisfying way to spend your days. You want to make the most of the holiday from school so you feel like you’ve had a proper break when we go back in the new year. So, we’ve made a holiday challenge to help keep you busy!


How does it work?

  • To complete the challenge, you must complete an activity from each of the four categories each day. 


  • You must spend 45 minutes doing activities (or just one) from that category. 


  • You can take ideas from the lists (found below) or come up with your own as long as they fit under the category. 


Free printables to make it easy: Holiday Challenge ideas list and a progress tracker


What are the categories?

  • Creative 

For this category you must do something creative, examples include; drawing, painting, and writing.

Being creative helps relieve stress, increase confidence and improve expression!! Look here for more ideas.

Check out this to get your creative juices flowing!!

  • Active

For at least 45 minutes a day, you must do something active, examples include swimming, walking, and running.  

Being active releases endorphins (the happy hormone), keeps you fit, and keeps you healthy!! Look here for more ideas.

Check out this for some fun ways to workout 

  • Productive

Every day, try to do something that is productive. It can be something you have been putting off for a while or something you only just realised needs to be done, it all counts. Examples include; cleaning your room, writing/updating your resumé and washing your bedsheets.

Being productive means you will get things done, your days will feel purposeful and it helps you focus. Look here for more ideas.

This might help too: 10 Easy Ways to Make Money as a Teen


  • Cognitive 

A cognitive activity is something that makes your brain work. Examples include; completing a sudoku, solving a maths problem, and doing a crossword. 

Using your brain every day will keep your brain healthy, boost memory and increase focus. 


You could also add Social to your challenge if that works for you during the holidays. It’s good to keep in touch with friends, but don’t forget to touch base with your family too.

Try these:




Check out this post for more activities to do in the holidays and help you complete the challenge!


What do you usually get up to during the holidays?


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