Things You Will Actually Enjoy Doing With Your Family 

Things You Will Actually Enjoy Doing With Your Family 

As we are nearing the end of another long and stressful term/semester and the school holidays are coming into view, you may find yourself stuck on what to do for the break. Yes, school is awful, but at least it gives you something productive to do 5 out of 7 days a week. Of course, you will be able to spend heaps of time with your friends outside of school but, you will also have the opportunity to spend some much needed time with your family. When you think about it you really don’t have long until you go to university or move out, so it’s good to take some time to have some quality family time before you’re off in the big world!!


But, I understand that spending time with your family isn’t always the most fun. You probably all have different interests and you’re all different ages, but there are still many things you can try that are sure to be loved by all!


Here are five things you will actually enjoy doing with your family in one day:


  1. Go bowling 

I love going bowling with my family or anything else that is competitive without requiring too much skill to play! It brings out everyone’s competitive side, (you know, the one that is reserved only for being better than your siblings!!) and it gets you up and moving and that always makes people happy.

  1. Go on a bushwalk 

Going on a bushwalk with your family may sound boring at first, but choose the right walk and you will have a great time! This gets you moving and gets you out in nature which is always nice and very beneficial to you. You have a lot of time to get to know more about your family or walk-in silence if that’s not your thing. 

  1. Explore a new area 

A while ago my dad raised the idea of hopping on whatever train was first to the platform when you go there, getting on and picking a random number to see how many stops to wait until you get off. 


I thought this was a great idea and sounded like a lot of fun (I was going to do it with my friend, but she’s basically like family at this point). It would be fun with your friends or family, so maybe do it twice!!


  1. Watch a movie 

Either watch a movie at home or go to the cinema if anything is showing, and watch a movie as a family. Not only will you have a good time during the movie, but it also creates a shared interest that you can talk about for the rest of the day!!

 Sometimes, it can be hard to pick a movie that everyone will enjoy watching, especially if you have to choose an age-appropriate movie for any younger family member, but it also has to be one that you enjoy, so check out this list of ‘Our Top 10 Favourite PG-13 Movies’!!

  1. Play a board game

 Known board games can be boring (I mean it’s in the name) but, find the right one and you’ll see how fun it can be! One of my favourites is ‘Game of Life’ and I play it all the time with friends, family and sometimes both. 

  1. Have a picnic (lunch or dinner)

Having a picnic is always fun. It doesn’t have to be the ‘sitting on the floor on a checkered blanket’ type picnic like in all the movies, you could bring chairs or even find a picnic table as long as you are outside and enjoying a meal together!!

  1. Bake something 

Baking comes with many rewards: spending time with your family (or just one member), learning a new skill, and, most importantly, delicious food on the other side (depending on how good you are at it). 


I understand not everyone has a good relationship with their families and of course, these things will be fun with your friends or extended family as well. Check out these tips on Maintaining a Healthy Relationship with your Family’ in the meantime :). 


(When I was looking for ideas for this post the very first suggestion was to ‘sit down and talk about your futures’ and the second was, ‘read a book together’ and now I understand why people don’t want to spend time with their families. I hope these were better!!)


What’re things do you actually enjoy doing with your family?

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