The Secret to Decorating you Room

The Secret to Decorating you Room

A bedroom should be a place you are proud of, a place where you feel at home, and a place that you don’t have to hide from your guests. Follow these steps to design a room that you will love!

Plan before you do

Buying new bedsheets (or any piece of furniture for that matter) only for them to look horrible with your room decor is the worst feeling. It’s not only just disappointing, it’s a waste of money. That’s why we suggest you plan before you do. You could draw out your design on paper but there is a much easier and more effective way to do it. By downloading the app Room Planneryour design will be to scale and accurate. You will also be able to view your room in 3D which will give you a better idea for the spacing and feel. This app can be accessed for free on smartphones and iPads, and is especially useful if you plan to buy IKEA furniture.

Ask yourself if you want to get new furniture. If you want to keep your current items, make sure measure it so your Room Planner view will be to scale.

Before you buy anything for your room, ask yourself, does it fit well? does it look the way I hoped?

Decide on a ‘look’

There are three main looks to choose from (these are also available on the app).

modern – white, light grey, greyscale

classic – dark brown, patterns

combination – white, birchwood, feature colour

If you are going with the combination style, make sure the feature colour is as light as possible.

Create a furniture foundation

Start by placing out basic furniture. Do this before you add any decorations. A bedroom typically needs a bed, 1-2 side tables, a shelf of some sort, a rug if it is not carpet and a table lamp. 

Try placing the head of your bed away from the door. If you have a double bed or larger, and you have enough room, placing your bed in the middle of the room with make the space seem more open. On the contrary, if you have a single bed, placing it against a wall often looks better. 

The final aspect of your furniture foundation is storage. It needs to be accessible (can’t be too close to a bed or blocked by a chair etc.) and it needs to suit your needs. If you have a lot of clothes, consider adding a stand-alone wardrobe and draws. If you keep your school supplies at home, maybe a bookshelf with tubs will suit you better. Either way, do what is best for your room. There is no point having something that looks great but will get in the way later on.

Add decorations

This is the point where you can go wild! Add decorations that match your ‘look’ and feature colour. A painting or photo could go opposite your bed. Maybe you would prefer having a fancy wallpaper there instead? whiteboards, vision boards and photo walls can also add a personal touch to your room. Don’t go overboard though. Think long-term, is something permanent but might grow out of style?

Keep it simple

If you keep your room simple and don’t cram a lot of things in, your room will appear larger and more open. It will also be easier to keep clean – a bonus if you hate a messy room!

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