The Reason I Stopped Doing Homework…

The Reason I Stopped Doing Homework…

Yes, you read that right, I stopped doing homework. How could that work? Are you still doing well at school? Aren’t you getting in trouble? Well, just to clear things up, I am still completing the work assigned to me to a certain extent… I’m just not doing it at home. 

I originally thought about following a no homework policy back during online school. I had so much free time and I had no work left by 3:30 when we finished. We were getting through the same amount of content as when we were on campus. If I’m being honest, I dreaded coming back to school grounds; the days felt longer and we went back to being given unrealistic amounts of homework. I knew from Online School that I could get by without spending my afternoons doing schoolwork, all I had to do was put it into practice. 

I started by simply ignoring the work that teachers set. I went like this for a week but I started to feel lost during class. Whenever the homework had to be handed in, I had to ‘borrow’ someone else’s answers. While, yes, it was effective, it was probably just as stressful as actually doing the homework and I wasn’t learning much. The following week, I made some adjustments to my plan.

Instead of straight-up not doing the work, I started whatever I could as soon as it was given and I would finish the homework in a slow-paced subject like religion. That way I was still getting through the content but not wasting my little free time on school work. The homework side of my new policy had nearly no flaws, but I hadn’t considered studying.

Studying isn’t really my thing. I prefer to do as little revision as possible before tests and exams. I figure that half the things I would study won’t even be examined and a few extra marks aren’t worth the time I would have to put in. Of course, this doesn’t work for everyone.

 Part of my no homework policy is to keep the house a school and stress-free zone. We spend too much time at home to associate it with something we dislike (that being school). Instead of studying at home, go to the public library. This way you will have a time frame for your study, as well be more focussed than you would at home. 

The Main Takeaways

  • You will be more focussed in class knowing that you can’t just leave it as homework
  • You will be less distracted than you would be at home
  • You won’t associate school stress with being at home
  • You will only do the content that you have to do 

Top Tip

If you have been set a lot of homework that you can not finish during school hours no matter how hard you try, be selective in what you choose to complete. Instead of doing the entire chapter of exercises your maths teacher set you, do every second question. If your English teacher wanted you to read the length of to kill a mockingbird in one night, look at the Gradesaver chapter summaries until you have time to actually read the novel. 

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