The Pros and Cons of Having a Small Group

The Pros and Cons of Having a Small Group

Throughout High School my group of friends has changed a lot. I had a big group in year seven and eight, probably around twenty people. Then in year nine, after quarantine, my group literally down to three. I’ve have the best of both worlds – I know the good and the bad. Here are my opinions on having a small group.

Firstly, what do I classify as a small group? For me, a small group is sitting with six people or less. But, in no way does this mean you are restricted to having only five other friends. Instead, go talk to new people in your classes, say hi to other groups when you’re on your way to your ‘spot’, don’t feel like you are tied to these five others and only these people.

Pro : Less Drama

I absolutely hate drama… especially when it involves me. There is nothing worse than having a group inside a group or seeing everyone else split into pair without knowing where you fit. There is always less drama in a small group because you all know what’s going on and where you stand. There are no secrets, no one is trying to move groups. You are all friends so its generally a more homely environment.

Con : Nothing Goes Unnoticed

Having a small group is good but it can be annoying when you just feel like sitting in the library and catching up on an assignment or you want to sit with the people you are friends with in class instead. If the other people are away, who do you sit with? If one person moves schools, will the entire group dynamic change?

Pro : Social Activities are MUCH Easier

It is so much easier so organise social activities. Finding a day when you are all available is a breeze and there is never a worry if you are inviting the right people. These outing become less stressful and more fun!

Con : You Can’t Throw a Party

Regardless of the amount of friends you have, it will be awkward when people from six different places show up at your house with no one to talk to.

Pro : You Have a Solid Group of Friends

There is a saying that says you should only be able to count your close friends on one hand: its true. These people are the ones you will count on. They will be there for the good time and also the bad. If I’m being honest, I would take 3 good friends over 12 ‘friends’ any day.

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Do you have a big friend group or do you prefer to keep it small?

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