Starting year 12 – Oh Sh*t!

Starting year 12 – Oh Sh*t!

Anyone else almost done with Year 11 exam and just realised what that means? I’m going to be in Year 12 in t-minus-2 weeks and to say I’m unprepared is an understatement. 

Actually, scratch that…I WAS unprepared before making this post. I’m exchanging that “oh sh*t!” for a “sh*t yeah!”


So here’s 5 things you need to do before starting year 12:


1. Set up a designated study space

Whether it’s in your bedroom, in the lounge room or on the back deck. Designate yourself a study space (with a desk) that has everything you need and not too many distractions. Studying in the same spot everyday is a good way to associate the spot with focus and study to trick your brain into studying even when you would rather be doing absolutely anything else!


2. Organise/declutter your desktop

This is a big one! Organise, declutter and rearrange your desktop to create a clean digital space to organise your school work. You could also tidy up your google drive, documents or your downloads. Save some storage on your laptop and make your desktop a functional space for once!


3. Utilise the NESA website

On the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) website you can download your syllabus ahead of time so you know what to expect, look forward to or even begin studying to take some of the weight of learning new things off your chest going into the last school year. Plus you can access tons of resources including past papers, material and sample work!


4. Get a calendar and put in any key dates you already know 

Most schools have a school calendar that you can access so you can add key dates such as the first day of school, when you can drop subjects and you may even be able to view approximate exam assignments, to your personal calendar. 


5. Talk to current or past year 12 

Some people may have the luxury of having a sibling or friends who have just survived year 12, or you can use the last couple weeks that they’ll be at school to make some new ones that you can ask all your burning questions to. Ask them what they wished they knew at the start or even if they’ve got any survival tips! 


If you don’t have anyone to ask, our emails and social media is always open! Visit our Contact page for more information! 


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Are you starting year 12 soon?

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