5 Small and Unique Tattoo Ideas

5 Small and Unique Tattoo Ideas

In Australia, you can legally get a tattoo with your parents’ permission at 16. Actually getting your parents to allow you to get one is an entirely different story but it’s good to dream thoughWe’ve put together a list of unique and small tattoo ideas to help inspire you if you do manage to achieve the unachievable – getting the all-clear from mom or dad. I mean you could wait until your 18th but who wants to do that, right?


A molecule

This baseline idea can be customised in endless ways. A simple molecular structure can be elegant or you can add some intricate floral features. Some common designs are the dopamine or serotonin molecule to represent happiness, the adrenaline molecule for the adventurous amongst us, and caffeine for all you coffee lovers. 


Image: https://www.tattoodo.com/search?q=%23devin

First Movie

The first movie I ever watched was Tinkerbell. I was still in preschool and my dad took my sister and me to the cinema when it first came out. I have so many positive memories of that day, and, in a way, it represents my childhood. The good thing about a tattoo that represents your first movie (or first anything for that matter) is that it can never change – it will always be something that you can look back on.


Image: https://www.tattoostime.com/small-black-silhouette-tinkerbell-tattoo-on-side-neck/

Nationality Symbol

Again, your nationality is something that is cemented in your life. It is a tattoo that you probably will continue to associate with throughout your life. When I say ‘nationality’ I don’t necessarily mean go get your country’s flag branded across your arm. Perhaps something that shows your culture or just symbolises the place. For someone born in South Africa like me, an animal from the big five or a springbok are some great ideas. For an Aussie maybe thongs or a kangaroo.


Image: https://girlterest.com/small-elephant-tattoo-designs/music-small-elephant-tattoo-designs/

Location Outline

This definitely goes hand in hand with number 3 in that you can outline your country or continent however the possibilities extend further than that. An outline of your childhood town, the place you first went on holiday, or just somewhere you want to visit someday are all ideas that you can adapt. 


Image: https://www.tattoofilter.com/p/249910

A Road Sign

Still not original enough? How about a speed limit sign to remind you to slow down and enjoy the moment. Don’t let life pass you by when you’re young – it’s okay to pause and be present. This unique tattoo idea is so uncommon, I couldn’t find a photo!


There are so many options when it comes to a tattoo, don’t feel limited to these five. While you’re still in the ‘dreaming’ phase it’s good to start with a Pinterest board to brainstorm. Some less unique designs to add can be:

  • Your star sign
  • A quote
  • A book
  • Cute dinosaurs
  • A fruit 
  • Ying yang
  • Butterfly


Not quite old enough yet? Here’s a read for the younger high schoolers

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