Secret Santa gift Ideas

Secret Santa gift Ideas

It can be difficult to know what to get someone for ‘Secret Santa’ especially if you don’t know them very well. But, we’re here to help with five affordable gifts for seven different types people (plus some extras) so you don’t have to add another thing to your list of things to worry about this year!

Environment lover 

  1. Pot plant 
  2. Metal straws
  3. Tote bag 
  4. Take away cup 


Stationary hoarder 

  1. Pens 
  2. Pencil case 
  3. Highlighters 
  4. Notebook
  5. Letter writing set 



  1. Coloured pencils 
  2. Colouring book 
  3. Sketchbook 
  4. Pencils 
  5. Artist set 



  1. Water bottle 
  2. Ball (for there sport) 
  3. Resistance bands 
  4. Athleisure
  5. Yoga mat 



  1. Book (maybe one of these!!)
  2. Bookmark 
  3. Booklight 
  4. Bookshop voucher 
  5. Bookends 


Fashion lover 

  1. Bag
  2. Jewellery 
  3. Item of clothing 
  4. Sunglasses 
  5. Phone case


Cozy kid 

  1. Candle
  2. Fluffy socks 
  3. Blanket
  4. Pillow
  5. Mug 



  1. Movie tickets (maybe one of these!!)
  2. Crazy socks 
  3. Stickers (laptop or other) 
  4. Hair accessories 
  5. Fairy lights 


Are you doing ‘Secret Santa’ this year? 

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