3 Last-Minute Christmas Crafts

3 Last-Minute Christmas Crafts

This past year has flown by. It feels as though we’ve skipped May through September and now have found ourselves scrambling to get ready for Christmas with just over a week to go. It may seem like it’s too late to start Christmas crafts or decorate the house but with these three last-minute Christmas crafts, you’ll be ready to go in no time. 

Christmas bauble

  • Personalized baubles from old deodorant

To create these you’ll need an empty roll-on deodorant, paint, ribbon, and a sharpie. Take the ball out of the container and thoroughly wash it. You can decorate the ball however you wish. I just did it in one colour and wrote my name on it but there is so much room to be artistic and creative. Once it has dried, poke two holes into the ball next to each other and feed the ribbon in and out to create a loop for hanging on the tree. 

  • Advent calendar (or bunting) from toilet paper rolls

For this craft, you’ll need empty toilet paper rolls, string, staples, chocolates, or lollies for filling and ribbon. Start by stapling one end of the toilet paper rolls shut and putting your filling inside. If you don’t feel like using lollies, you can print out some of these challenges and use them instead. Next tie the ribbon over the roll as if it were a present in order to shut the open side. Make sure it’s tight enough that the insides don’t fall out. Finally lay the string (I used leftover ribbon instead) out on the floor with the rolls layed on top and the stapled sides facing the top. Restaple the rolls to secure them to the string or ribbon and you’re ready to hang this up. If you find it too late to start an advent calendar, you can always use it as bunting.

assorted painted rocks

  • Table decorations from pebbles

All you will need to make some table decorations like those above is a pebble and some paint. You can find these rocks just about anywhere. I love how creative you can be with these. They will make great additions to the table for Christmas lunch and can be hidden in your area after Christmas if you’re in NSW as a part of the NSW Rocks group on Facebook. 

I finished creating these in a few hours all up making them the perfect last-minute Christmas crafts to give your house a Christmas feel.


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