How to Survive a Road Trip

How to Survive a Road Trip

Driving in a car for hours and hours is the worst. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good road trip, but how on Earth are you supposed to survive in a cramped space for a long time. If you are not prepared with all the stuff you need then that’s the end of you, no matter how many games you have on your phone or how many movies you’ve downloaded, you are going to get bored within the first few hours. There are heaps of benefits to road trips and camping, but here are 10 things that you can not forget if you want to get through it:

1.Water and snacks

If you get car sick you may not like to eat in the car, but you can when you stop off. If you need to buy something to eat at every stop when you’re hungry you will have a lot less money to spend when you are there! (Here are some healthy snacks you could pack.)

Water is the most important thing ever to pack. You will feel so much better staying in the car if you are hydrated. It will also help with car sickness and headaches.


Sunglasses block out the sun (obviously) but not having the blazing sun in your eyes will help with headaches.


Even if it’s not cold, a blanket is nice to have a blanket to sit on, especially if you have leather seats because they can get really uncomfortable after a while.


This is self-explanatory, you need to be comfy. Sure a car seat is padded but it’s really not that comfortable and if you go on a late-night trip or early morning its a lot easier to sleep with a pillow.


Even if you put it on before you left it can get really hot inside a car and you might sweat it all of. Also, no one wants to be in a car for hours with a bad smell.

6.Lip balm

You always need lip balm especially if you are sitting in the back with the air-conditioning blowing on your face, it can seriously dry out your lips really quickly.


A notebook and at least one pen is a must! You can write things you need to remember, addresses, stories and play games. (Here are some games you can play in a notebook!)


On the road, you’re going to be eating a lot of bad road food and you’re going to need to freshen your breath to keep the sanity of those around you so… gum.

9.Sleep mask

To go with the pillow and blanket you’re going to need a sleep mask so you can actually get to sleep. The bright sun combined with the uncomfortable position you’ll never get any rest, so cut out one of those factors and bring a sleep mask.


Assuming you already have your phone you’ll need your headphones, because believe it or not your family and friends don’t want to hear your music or movies. (Check out this list for some movie recommendations, or this one if series are more your thing!!)

(If your one of the lucky ones who can read on a road trip, here are some books you could try.)

When was the last time you went on a road trip?

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