How to *actually* keep in touch with your old school friends

How to *actually* keep in touch with your old school friends

From moving schools to playing new teams on the netball court, you will be sure to meet a lot of people throughout high school. The only issue is that you may find it hard to maintain these friendships.

We’ve put together some tips from two friends who managed to stay in touch even after moving to different high schools. We aren’t perfect. We have both lost some friends that we wish we didn’t, but we’ve learnt from these mistakes and hope you can too.


We know it’s tempting to have a group chat with your friends from your old school but try your best to avoid these. Sounds silly? Firstly, think about how many times your friendship circle has changed. People have probably moved in and out of the group regularly. If you are the only person to have left the school, you have to accept that the group will continue to change and you will, unfortunately, be left behind. Don’t be discouraged, though. There is no rule saying you can’t be friends with each person individually.

  Admittedly, it may be awkward to text/see certain people outside of a group setting. The best thing to do in these situations is to find something you have in common. You both watch friends, talk about that; you both play soccer, talk about that. Finding commonalities will make conversation easier and open up opportunities for you to bond more. Remember – It’s normal to not stay in touch with every person you used to be friends with. 


It’s OK to be the first person to text, even if you aren’t the person who has left the school. Most of the time, people are just busy and don’t have anything against you. Set aside a few minutes each week to check in on someone you see less often, send them a funny TikTok or pick up the phone and start a conversation. 


It’s easy to reminisce and talk about what you have done together in the past, but there comes a point where you keep repeating the same old stories. If you’ve watched the movie Rough Night, you will know what I’m talking about.


Texting every day and meeting up at every chance you get doesn’t guarantee a long-lasting friendship. When it comes to staying in touch with people you don’t see as often, make the times you do connect count. 


It can be sad; sad to think that some people you are only friends with because you spend lunchtimes together. Learn to let go of the people that never text back, that don’t make an effort, or that you just don’t feel are the right people. This will let you invest more time into the friendships that truly matter

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