High school essentials – pack your bag ready for anything

High school essentials – pack your bag ready for anything

There are so many things you need for high school that it’s hard to keep on top of everything. Here’s what you will need.

You’re probably already back at school, but you may have forgotten something that you need. There is nothing worse than being at school and not having all the tools and equipment you need. Here’s a list of everything you’ll need to make it through high school.

What to pack in your school bag

• Pencil case
One with probably do, but I like to separate the things I need on the daily from the things that I only need sometimes, so I have two. Think pen and lead pencils in one case, and coloured pencils in the other.
• Calculator
Most of the time the teachers will let you use a calculator for some tests and worksheets, so always have one on you.
• Portable charger
Even if your phone never dies, I assure you one of your friends’ phones will. So help them out, and maybe yourself, and pack a portable charger.
• Notebook
It’s good to write down homework or important information in an extra notebook instead of your workbook. Staying organised will be easier if you keep all your notes all in one place.
• Planner
You should always write down your homework and assignments on the day you get it, so you don’t forget. You might also have to write down excursion dates and tests.

This free printable will help you plan your day

• Hair ties
You probably have one in your hair when you leave for school, but it’s always a good idea to bring some spares. Friends will no doubt thank you for this one, too.
• Money
Sometimes you may leave your lunch at home when you are rushing around in the morning. Bring money so you’re always prepared to fuel yourself during the school day.
• Mints
Pretty self-explanatory, no one wants to have bad breath at school (especially useful after lunch).
• Deodorant
Same as the mints, this is important. Definitely don’t forget it on days you have sport/Pe.
• Band-Aids
One day at school you might trip and fall, you’ll need band-aids. You can get them from teachers and the office, but it’s so much easier to have your own.
•Hand sanitiser
You could just go to the sink to wash your hands, but that’s not nearly as convenient as having hand sanitiser in your bag.
• Lip balm
Having dry lips is so uncomfortable, so stop that from happening by bringing lip balm with you to school.
• Tissues
Most classrooms have tissues, but not all of them, and they run out quickly especially in winter. So be prepared and bring your own.
• Umbrella
The weather can be very unpredictable so always have an umbrella with you, so you don’t get wet and uncomfortable during the day.
High school essentials to pack

Check out this checklist for everything you need at school

Now, what do you need in your pencil case:

1. Pencils
2. Pens
3. Scissors
4. Sharpener
5. Sharpie
6. Arline
7. Eraser
8. Ruler
9. highlighters
10. Whiteout
11. Glue
12. USB
High school essentials to pack

Extras (these are ‘nice to haves’):

1. Coloured pens
2. Coloured pencils
3. Coloured textas
Good luck at school this year!

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