Hi, our names are Ari and Ches, two besties from Australia. We’ve been friends for ten years and we’ve always wanted to have a blog together. We knew we wanted to help people with the blog, so Toolbox for Teens was born.

When we started high school a couple of years ago, we were looking all over the internet trying to find someone or something that could help us survive high school and our teen years. The only problem was, we are both the eldest girls in the family, so we’ve been kinda finding our own way since then (along with helping each-other) Every post we found sort-of helped, but they weren’t from the perspective of someone who was in the same position. We wanted to create info for teens making their way through high school, written by teens who have been there before.

It will include posts about travel, organisation, school life, studying and just about everything you will need to know to get through high school and your teenage years. We hope you find this blog helpful – get in touch if you would like us to cover a topic for you.

 – Ari and Ches 

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