5+ Fun Workout Games for Teens

5+ Fun Workout Games for Teens

Working out can be the most boring thing in the world if you’re not in the mood. But it doesn’t have to be like that anymore!! Have fun while you get in shape with these 5+ workout games for teens. Plus a challenge at the end that we’d love you to try!!

1. Dice Roll

This workout game is simple and all you’ll need is a dice and some floor space! The idea is to roll a dice and complete the exercise that the number correlates with.

  1. Decide which numbers will correlate to which exercise. Remember that you have to do the same reps as the number you get as well so be smart about this step! You can make your own or download the one we’ve made here (or use this to make your own chart)
  2. Roll the dice and complete the exercise. You can complete this step as many times as you want, but I think 10 times is a good start.


  • Mix it up! Change the activities on your grid/chart (top tip: contact or laminate your print-out and use a whiteboard maker so you can make changes easily!)
  • Use different materials. This game could easily be played with a pack of cards. Just pick a random card and complete the game the same as the dice one! Rember: Jacks = 11, Queens = 12, and Kings = 13 (or a rest if you’d like!)


2. Spell your Name

I’m sure most of you have heard of this one. It was quite a staple through the first round of online school as an idea for PE from my teacher. Safe to say I did it like half a time, but in my defense, I have four A’s in my full name and A was 20 burpees!! But I still think you should try it <3 

For this, you’ll need to make up which workouts go with which letters. You can use this premade one that we put together, or you can use this template to make your own. If you print it out you could laminate/contact it and change the workouts every so often! 

  1. Learn how to spell your name (first and last if you’re bright enough) 
  2. Look at your chart for the workouts to match each letter (do it in order if you want)
  3. Complete the exercises for all the letters, even repeats (At least your name isn’t Hubert Blaine Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff Sr.!!!)



  • Try spelling different words if you get tired of doing the same thing.
  • Make a game out of it? This would work a bit like charades. You would start doing the workout to spell a word and the guesser (a friend or family member etc.) would have to guess what you are going to spell before you can stop doing the workout. 
  • You could try hangman too. One person thinks of a word and puts the lines out and the other person/people start to guess the letter. The guessers have to do the workout if they get a letter wrong and the person who thought of the word has to do it if the others guess a letter correctly. 


 3. Workout Bingo

You’re going to need some friends or family or just some randos for this one. This game needs a minimum of 3 players, but one of them doesn’t actually have to do the workouts if they don’t want to. To play, you’ll need enough ‘workout bingo’ cards as you have players. We’ve made four different ones that you can get here, but if you need more, you can get a blank board to fill out here. You will also need a list of all the workouts you included.


  1. Print out your bingo boards and mark sure everyone has something to write with. 
  2. Establish who will be the ‘bingo master’ and how many you have to cross-off to win.
  3. The ‘bingo master’ will call out the workouts in a random order of the sheet that has them all on it.
  4. If someone has the exact number of reps and the exact exercise, they must complete it (or attempt it) before crossing it off. 
  5. The winner calls ‘Bingo!’ when they’ve completed a row? Diagonal? The whole card?! It’s really up to you to decide at the start.



  • Try different ‘patterns’ for winning (eg. getting four across, three down…)
  • Make people do the workout if they don’t have it instead (So you sort of get a reward for having the square?) 


4. Planktionary

This one could be tricky for some because it requires drawing a picture while holding a plank. Basically, you’ve got to do the plank on your elbows and have a piece of paper on the floor to draw (this technique also works great to do your homework in a plank, or write a blog post :D). You’ll just need some paper, something to draw with, and some space to plank. 


  1. Both/all players get into a plank position (just so there’s no funny business of pretending you don’t know what it is to make others suffer longer… not based on a real-life example)
  2. The first person starts to draw and everyone else must guess what it is. 
  3. When someone does, everyone can come out of the plank (Yay!) 
  4. Take a break before repeating with another person drawing. You may want to switch up to exercise each round (eg. dish, side-plank, squat-hold, if you can draw while doing it) 



  • Play a different game like this. Hangman? Articulate? Taboo? 
  • Switch up the type of hold you’re doing (eg. dish, squat-hold, side-plank)
  • For every wrong guess, everyone has to…(eg. Push up onto their hands, do a push-up and go back to their elbows without putting their knees down.) 


5. Movie workout Game

This is a good one because you get to watch a movie while you do it! Check out our top 10 favourite (pg-13) movies or check out our top 8 favorite Netflix series if that’s more your thing! This game works like that one drinking game people suggest whenever someone in a movie is saying a word too much for their liking…


  1. Choose a movie (that’ll be the hardest part of the game)
  2. Get someone else (preferably someone who hasn’t seen the movie) to choose a word for you (eg. school, popular, detective…) 
  3. Every time someone says this word do an exercise that you set for yourself. 



  • Choose a word and hold a position until they say it again (eg. plank, dish, squat-hold). You could change this word each time. 
  • Instead of a word, use an action ‘every time …………. Does ………….’ (eg. every time (he) fixes his hair)  
  • Choose a few words and associate them with different workouts (eg. every time someone says ‘school’: do 10 pushups. Every Time someone says ‘basketball’: do 10 squats. 


6. Board game workouts

Here are some board games that would make great workout games for teens. You can also come up with your own using the same basic theory. 

Go fish: 

  • Play like normal go fish, but every time someone doesn’t have the card you want, do the correlating workout (here’s a premade one, and here’s a blank one)  

Snakes and ladders: 

  • Use the same concept as the dice roll game, but move your pieces too. (Use this filled out on if you want, or this blank one to make your own!)
  • You could also add challenges eg. every time you go up a ladder or snake, do the same number of (push-ups/squats/lunges, etc.) as the spaces you skipped


  • Add rules like: every time you land on a card spot, do 10 crunches. Every time you buy a house: do 10 pushups. Every time you pass ‘Go’, do 10 squats. If you land in jail, hold a plank until your next go.


Challenge: The 5-second plank

If all these workout games for teems seem a little too easy for you, try this.

The 5-second plank is a challenge that I found when watching a video by the first Australian Ninja Warrior, Ben Polson. 5 seconds, right? Seems easy enough. But there’s a catch (there always is), it has to be exactly 5 seconds, not a millisecond over. All you’ll need is a stopwatch (the one on your phone works fine) and some space (maybe a bit of time as well!) Here’s how it works:

  1. Get into the plank positions on your elbows so you can use your hands. (check this out for proper form
  2. Start your stopwatch when you are ready
  3. Stop the stopwatch at 5 seconds flat. If you do, you’re done! If not…
  4. Do not drop out of the plank, and reset the stopwatch. You’ve got to hold the plank until you get 5 seconds flat and you can’t drop between attempts.



  • If getting 5 seconds flat proves too difficult, give yourself some leeway (eg. if you get between 00:04.90 and 00:5.10 it is a success!) 
  • Go for 10 seconds? 20? A whole minute!!?? This means you’ll have to hold it for longer until you can make your attempt to stop the timer if 5 seconds is a breeze for you. 
  • Try it with other ‘holds’ eg. squat hold, side plank, or dish!


Save this for later 🙂

Will you try one of these workout games for teens?

or perhaps exercise isn’t your thing. But lucky for you, we’ve got a whole list of other activities for you to try!

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