5 Last-Minute Things You Can Do to Get a Great Report Comment

5 Last-Minute Things You Can Do to Get a Great Report Comment

Okay so most of your exams are over and you’ve failed every single one of them (but don’t worry there are ways to get into uni without an atar) and your hopes of impressing your parents/carers with a straight-A report are crushed. But, not to worry because you’ve still got the class comment to wow them and prove that you do in fact have the X-factor that they’re looking for. This might be a personal thing but I’m pretty sure most parents care more about that than they do the grade. Think about it, your ‘performance’ in class is sort of a reflection of them and their ability to raise children that don’t make teachers rethink their entire career path (you know the type).

It’s never too late to improve trick the teachers into thinking you’re respectful (wrong choice of words but you get the point), so here are 10 last-minute things you can do to get a great report comment. 

1. Talk to your teacher outside of class

Just a simple ‘hello’ or ‘good morning’ (just some basic pleasantries) will make a teacher feel less invisible to the students she teaches for hours a week. Unfortunately, due to Covid, a smile or nod (aka. The less awkward form of communication) is out of the question. But it’s okay because you could wave? Like just put you’re hand up for a second like you’re thanking a car, you know. 

At the end of the day, it’s always nice to be recognised and just a few hellos will get you into that teacher’s good books and earn you a great report comment.


2. Write notes in class

Even if you aren’t actually writing anything important, it’s more the act of writing things down that gets you the brownie-points, and it’s beneficial to you if you want it to be (check out how to write effective study notes here). 

The teacher will assume you are actually paying attention and care about the subject they are teaching, and you’ll get something out of it too.

3. Be polite in class 

I swear every single teacher, every single year tells me that I’m a polite student, so chances are you’ll get this comment even if you’re far from it, but it always helps. By polite I mean things like giving the teacher your full attention, saying thank you as you leave, listening to your classmates when they speak (so pretty much just following your kindergarten class rules). 


4. Help other students

Teachers love it when you do their jobs for them (sounds sarcastic but it’s true). It means they don’t have to keep pretending to keep their cool when that one kid still isn’t getting it and they run out of ways to explain it without sounding condescending.

You may know a better way to help them understand using less dated references or explaining what helped you learn it. It’s beneficial for both parties when you can explain something to a classmate because they’ll learn and being able to put a concept into words others will understand will solidify your knowledge even more, and the fact that teachers will think you’re helpful, friendly and you listen in class is only an added bonus (definitely not the objective:)


5. Ask lots of questions in class

Teachers love questions (they’ll even tell you that themselves sometimes). I’ve done some thinking as to why they like questions, but so far I’ve come up pretty much empty-handed with my only theory being that they don’t like the idea that a bunch of teenagers can ‘understand’ a topic in one 60 minute lesson when they had to study it for weeks to even be allowed to teach it. I doubt that’s it, but I thought I’d share anyway :).

It doesn’t matter why they like it so much, the point is (don’t worry I also forgot I had a point) they do and you should – is ‘exploit’ too aggressive(?) –  it. 

Asking questions will pretty much guarantee you a comment like ‘so-and-so participates in class discussions’ (plus, it wastes a bunch of time if you’re bored).

Are you usually focused on getting a great report comment, or are you more grade orientated?

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