5+ Card Games for one

5+ Card Games for one

Being by yourself can be extremely boring (depending on what kind of person you are), but it doesn’t have to be!! Check out these card games for one to play when you’re alone: 


  1. Clock Patience/ solitaire

This is a chance game that would be perfect if you aren’t really in the mood for using your brain. It does require a large amount of space on a table or the floor to play so be aware of that when choosing which game to play. Can you beat the clock??!!



  1. The carpet 

This is one of my personal favourites. It is easy to get the hang of, but it also requires quite a bit of space to play. 

(Start at 7.02 for the tutorial)

  1. Grid cannon 

This game was created by Tom Francis and is a lot of fun! It is a skill-based game that is easy to learn and fun to play! 

  1. Scorpion

Scorpion is a simple version of the traditional ‘solitaire’ for those who couldn’t quite understand it. It is fun and easy to play, it does take up a bit of space to play. 


  1. Idiot 

Idiot is a bit more confusing to start with as there are a lot of things to remember but once you get the hang of it, it is a really great game to play!



  1. Beehive solitaire 

This is another twist on ‘Solitaire’ that is once again much similar. Instead of getting all the cards into suits, the aim is to get them all into number categories. 


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Have you ever tried playing a single-player card game?

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