30+ Reasons Why I Shaved My Head

30+ Reasons Why I Shaved My Head

I first wrote this post 9 months ago: last December. I considered starting from scratch today when I came back to it but I thought one paragraph was worth keeping.

“As a girl, a shaved head is not a common hairstyle at all. But we’ve all thought of doing it, right? The first time the idea popped into my head was back in 2014. My mom was doing my hair for a gymnastics competition, lathering it up with gel and hairspray and more gel, pulling it back so tight I thought it would rip right off. It would be so easy if had no hair at all I thought. Since then the urge to buzz it all off has come more and more often. And while, no, I don’t have any actual experience being bald, I have done the research. If I’m being honest this list is more to convince myself to go for it than anything else.”

I did end up convincing myself to go for it, and you can find that original list at the bottom of this post, but now with the first-hand experience, I want to share my journey as well as some things you might not have thought about.

The Decision

As I said, I started writing this post last December. The idea had already been planted in my head and I was considering it seriously. However, I was yet to convince my parents to let me do it. I was not having a great time with people at school so I decided that I would definitely shave my head if I was going to start the new year with the same year group. I was past the point of caring what they thought of me. On the other hand, if I went into a new year group I wanted to wait until I made some friends before I shaved my head.

When I found out I was going into the new cohort, I postponed the idea and only returned to it at about the end of term one. I remember that it was late one night and my hair was in an atrocious tangle when I committed to the idea. Yes, it was impulsive, and no, I wasn’t thinking straight, but I’m glad I wasn’t. I went to the World’s Greatest Shave website, signed up, set a date, and posted the donation link on my Instagram. The first person donated – there was no turning back. To say my family was surprised in the morning is an understatement.

The Preparation

To prepare for the big day I organized with my gymnastics club how the afternoon would look. This was a very quick, straight-forward process. I also ordered some merchandise from the World’s Greatest Shave website. The cape, bandana, and temporary tattoos really made the experience and were definitely worth the small extra cost.

The biggest challenge, however, was getting people to donate. There are plenty of resources available on the website but what I found to be the most helpful was to first donate $50 yourself – that way people can see that the fundraising is legitimate and that it is of cause you are passionate about. Next thing I did was let everyone know that whoever donated the most would be the person doing the shaving. I put the link up on my Instagram and other social medias as well as notifying my school (although they actually did nothing except tell me not to shave it too short???)

The Day Of I Shaved

24th of June, the big day. It was a Thursday, the last day of the school term when my school friends saw me with long hair for the last time. After all of the support I had received from everyone who donated I wanted to make the big day memorable and to get as many people involved as possible.

I checked with the coaches at my gymnastics club if it was okay that I shaved my head during training which they agreed to. One by one my teammates chopped off sections of my hair until it was short enough to be shaved. My family was there as well, and my dad ended up doing the shaving because it turned out to be harder than we expected. You can see the video I put together from shaving my head by clicking here or by going to our Instagram reels. This was the most fun part of the process so make sure you surround yourself with positive people!

After I Shaved it Off (The Grow Out Phrase)

A few things that really stood out to me, some of which I was not expecting, include how fast my hair has grown. I originally cut mine on a number three but if I were to do it again I would cut it on a number one. This is because within a week my hair was already looking like a ‘boys cut’ or ‘pixie cut’. The only thing is I reached the awkward afro stage much sooner than I expected – nothing a beanie couldn’t fix though.

Another thing that I wasn’t expecting was how much fun it is to style. Before I shave my head I tried to do a ‘last 15 hairstyles’ because I thought I wouldn’t get a chance to experiment with my hair after I shaved it but I was very wrong. Since then I have bought two wigs from Amazon, both of decent enough quality and cheap (under $30). This has given me an opportunity to play around with style and see what different colours, lengths, and hair types suit me. I did mention this down below in the original list but it has been much easier to die my hair different colours. I have had brown, blonde, blue, and purple hair all in the past three months simply because it is so convenient.  

The last thing that stood up to me amongst all of the other positives was that it is so much more convenient in every other aspect of life. I don’t dread washing my hair, it is so quick to dry after swimming, there’s no time spent detangling in the morning or getting ready for training, and my hair doesn’t get in the way when I am exercising or even at school when my hair would usually flip onto my paper. 

Support the Cause

If you too are looking to participate in this great cause please visit the World’s Greatest Shave’s website and sign up. If you’re not wanting to participate in this yourself, but you still want to support the great cause of Leukaemia Research and Patient Accommodation, you can still donate to my donation page here (all donations go directly to the leukemia foundation)

The Reasons

  1. no more money on hair products
  2. less time wasted on hair styling
  3. you can style your new hair in a million ways you couldn’t have before
  4. it is so much easier to dye different colors
  5. donate your hair to charity
  6. try wigs
  7. no need to wait for your hair to dry – get out the water drip-free
  8. social media attention
  9. it’s a fresh start
  10. fight aesthetic ideals and stereotypes
  11. stay cooler in summer
  12. get your friends involved. It can be a great bonding activity
  13. a great story for later on in life
  14. a fantastic conversation starter
  15. no bad hair days
  16. it’s liberating
  17. low maintenance
  18. improve hair health
  19. hair is so annoying
  20. raise money
  21. don’t need hair elastics
  22. hair will never blow in your face
  23. raise cancer awareness
  24. gain confidence
  25. it looks beautiful
  26. you will feel accomplished
  27. it’s empowering
  28. you might look better
  29. it is a great way to know who is worth keeping in your life (those who don’t judge you for it)
  30. its temporary, hair grows back
  31. you can drive or ride with the windows down

(I may have been scraping for ideas at the end there but either way, no regrets.)

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