10 Things to Start Doing NOW to Get Ready to go back into School

10 Things to Start Doing NOW to Get Ready to go back into School

At the moment we are set to go back to in-person school in two weeks here in Sydney, so it’s time to start getting ready. Because we haven’t been back to school since before the holidays, there are a few things that you need to start doing now to get ready to go back into school.


1. Try on your uniform

It has been quite a while since we’ve had to wear our uniforms so it’s very possible you’ve started to outgrow it. So, dust off your uniform (if you can find it) and try it on.

Also try on shoes, jumpers, sports gear and even your hat! If it doesn’t fit, now you’ll have plenty of time to get a new one or finally unpick that crooked hem you put in at the start of year seven.


2. Start waking up on time

This is the hardest part, but it’s gotta be done. First things first: pull out your alarm clock and actually set it to the proper time (daylight savings 🙂 so you can set a proper alarm, or finally set up that bedtime function on your phone.

Getting up early (or earlier) now is very important so you aren’t too stressed about getting up for school that you can’t get to sleep, and so you can get your Circadian Rythm back in order.

Check out this guide to becoming a morning person!


3. Go back to your ‘school’ routine (or a modified version)

Hopefully, you’ve made yourself a nice little routine for lockdown (if not, learn about it here), but it’s time to adjust it a little so you can fit things in around school( if you want to keep it up of course).

Start factoring in things like travel time and getting ready into your everyday routine. Going back to your ‘school’ routine will make the transition a lot easier and less jarring on your mental health.


4. Go back to regulated meals times during the week

It is important to go back to only eating at the dedicated times during the school day so you can ‘train’ your body to get hungry at those times and not before so you won’t be uncomfortable throughout the day.

This also means you may have to include more protein, fibre, fat, and more whole foods so that you’ll be sustained on only two meals during the school day.


5. Re-pack your school bag

It would be awful to get to school and realise you don’t have something that you desperately need like your pencil case or your water bottle. It’s a good idea to put the things you won’t need in the next two weeks back into your school bag so you know you have them.

You may even take this opportunity to pack your bag even better than it was before!! Check out this to pack your bag ready for anything.


6. Start socialising outside of your close friend group where possible

This might be difficult due to the fact that there are still some restrictions in place, but try to socialise with people that aren’t in your ‘circle.’

This can include things like joining a different breakout room when you get the choice, actually speaking to the people in your assigned breakout rooms or talking to people over DM/messages/Snapchat.


7. Check if your equipment is still ‘up to standard’

Check that all your equipment is still in good condition and usable for another term. For example, since we haven’t been at school since semester one and most work has been digital, you might need new exercise books because you could be nearing the end.

Personally, my laptop can’t hold a charge for longer than, like, an hour anymore. This wasn’t an issue on online school because I could have it plugged in all day if I had to, but now and I need to get a new battery.


8. Organise your laptop

During online learning, I bet you had to make HEAPS of documents, presentations and slides. These documents take up a lot of space on your laptop and can be hard to organise if you don’t have a proper system.

I recommend making a folder labelled by your year group (eg. mine would be called Year 10), in your Google Drive and then dividing that folder into subjects (eg. Maths, Science, Art, etc.). Then you can easily find documents if you need to refer to them.

You can also upload PDF’s and other files that you had to download for class onto your Google Drive so everything is in the same place.


9. Read these posts to get ready to go back into school

We’ve got plenty of posts to help you, but here are some of the ones I recommend that will help you get ready to go back into school.

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Saying goodbye to warm meals for lunch isn’t so hard when you back your lunch box with one of these!

How to Make the Most of Semester Two
Technically we’ve only got about half a term left, but that’s not to say it can be the best half a term of the entire year, right?

How to Write effective Study Notes
I’m really going to miss getting to do open book tests on online school, but having effective study notes is going to make it a lot easier especially with yearlies coming up.

10. Don’t stress about it

A lot of you won’t be stressed at all about the transition back to school, but it can be very hard for some people. If you aren’t worried about it, try and support those who are and check in with your friends every so often. 🙂

But if you are worried (which is a completely fair reaction to a change in routine), try and remember that these are the same people you were at school with from the start of the year (in most cases), and you’ll settle back in very quickly.

Besides, worrying about it now won’t do you any good, so remember to relax.


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Are you ready to go back into school?!

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