10 Most Beneficial Free Online Course that Gen-Z Must Take

10 Most Beneficial Free Online Course that Gen-Z Must Take

School teaches you plenty, but it’s also the exact same thing that Millenials learnt, and maybe even Gen-Y. There are heaps of gaps in education, but luckily there’s a simple solution… (open sparkle emoji) Online course (close sparkle emoji), and there are plenty of free ones two! Here’s a list of 10 of the most beneficial free online course that Gen-Z must take to get your online learning journey off on the right foot! 



Introduction to corporate finance – Edx

This course teaches the essentials of finance, stocks and budgeting allow you to get a good grasp on how to spend, grow and earn money in the future. This course is essential as it teaches things that aren’t taught in schools despite it being one of the most important things to understand for your future. (check out this post about how to make money as a teen!)


 Online Advertising and Social Media – Edx

Whether you plan on running a business, starting a blog or are just an avid user of social media, it is important to know how online advertising works. You’ll be able to use it to your advantage, or simply use the knowledge you gain from the course to make decisions when viewing social media advertising.


Mental Health and Nutrition – Edx

This course provides an insight on how to nurture your body in a way that is beneficial for your mental and physical health. It is very important to consider your mental health when deciding what you consume in the same way you should be considering your physical health. 


Making Sense of the News – Edx

As the News becomes more accessible for people, so does rumours, the media, and false information.  It is important that you know how to make sense of what you’re being told so you can develop your own opinions and thoughts about certain discussions and situations.


How to Succeed at: Interviews – Future Learn

It can be very difficult to get a job, especially if it’s your first one. This course will teach you how to prepare and execute a successful interview while also helping you develop the skills you need to perform to your highest standard in different types of interviews. 


Nutrition, Exercise and Sport – Edx

Learn everything you need to know to stay on top of your physical health. You will learn how to fuel your body for exercise as well as get a sense of what is actually going to benefit you. 


Practical Excel 365 for Beginners – Alison

Excel may not seem that useful, but I’m told it’s game-changing even if you only know the basics. It is especially important for organising, budgeting (check out this post to break bad spending habits for a head start!) and other things like that. 


Coping Skills – Freedom From Stress & Pain – Alison

I think everyone ever should take this course, but especially Gen-Z because it is very important to manage your stress when you’re young. It will also help you in school and in the workplace. 


Learning for a Sustainable Future – Future Learn 

I mean it’s in the name right. This course is essential to direct you the right way to promote change in your life and in others. The environment is precious and fragile and we need to do what we can now before it’s too late. 


Critical Thinking at University – Future learn

Unfortunately, the one thing that they fail to teach you at school is how to think for yourself. You can understand? Great! You can listen? Amazing! You can sit up to two terms of information onto a few sheets of paper? Incredible! But do you know how to come to your own conclusions or work things out for yourself? Maybe not, then this course will be great for you! 

These 10 Free Chrome Extensions for School will be perfect to make your online learning as simple as possible!


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