10 Easy Ways to Make Money as a Teen

10 Easy Ways to Make Money as a Teen

Are you sick of doing chores at home only to be paid a scarce $10? Are you wanting to earn some extra cash on top of a part-time job? If you answered yes to either of those questions, keep reading!


We understand that it can be hard to get a job, especially in you are 15 or younger. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 10 easy ways to make money.

Etsy – craft

 Etsy is a great platform to sell crafts and handmade goods. It is slightly more expensive than eBay because they do charge a listing fee, but it is much easier to sell at a higher price. If you take a practical subject at school, you could sell you artworks, woodworks or textile projects.

eBay – old clothes

 eBay is a great place for second-hand items… and with us teens growing as fast as we do, old clothes are the perfect item to sell. There are no upfront costs and you can have some fun by upcycling them. Check out how to tie-dye clothes here

 Walk dogs

 You are going to have to walk your dog at some point; why not try to get paid for it. Send out flyers to your street letting them know you are happy to walk their dogs. Add what you will charge ($5-10/h is perfect) and you are good to go. Walk a few dogs at once and you will be racking up cash. Check out our printable flyer template!

 Charge interest

 You might be the only one in the house who has money in notes and coins. I have been that person before and it can get annoying. Tell your parents that you charge 10% interest – you lend them $50 and get $55 back. Even if you don’t earn too much money with this, it might prevent you from having to always give out money.

 Coach your sport

 Once you turn 14 (in NSW at least), you can start getting paid to work. Finding a job is difficult if you don’t have connections in the industry. Teens often forget that they do have connections. Almost all of us do a sport – getting into coaching would be the natural progression. There are a few upfront costs for courses, training etc. but the amount of money you will make is significantly more than the above ideas. Find out how to start coaching gym sports here


 We’ve all heard adds for those survey people boast about making ‘hundreds of dollars in just 24 hours!’ No, you won’t make THAT much money, but once you get over that you can make a few dollars here and there without too much effort. Check out https://www.surveycool.com/ for a list of survey sites. 


I recently took part in a study for Macquarie University. All I had to do was fill out a few quick surveys and I got paid $50. Keep an eye on your local university’s social media. This is where they will advertise these studies. Here is the link to the study I participated in https://mqedu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8HMJxE2UGGXc4SN

YouTube monetization

If you have gained a following on YouTube, getting monetized is a great way to get paid. Keep in mind that starting a YouTube channel to get monetized will not take you far. As said by Confucius, ‘choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life’.

 Social media affiliate

 Most of us openly mock social media influencers – it’s not a real job after all? Wrong. Social media affiliates can earn commission on products by obtaining an affiliate link. Their role is to promote the products and their links for others to go buy certain items. Surprisingly, you don’t need a large following to be able to do this. Each company has its way of organising this, we have linked three websites below for you to use to research their programs. Remember, these are not the only companies that offer this program!




Sell notes

 If you are going to be writing study notes, why not make some copies and sell them? If you have the intention of selling them to people, you will be more motivated to write the well. You can sell PDFs of these on Etsy or over your social media. Check out how to write effective study notes first!

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